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What to Do When You Can’t Agree on a Mattress

If you and your partner can’t agree on what to eat for dinner, you can always let one person win tonight and the other person tomorrow. If can’t agree on a mattress, however . . . well, you can’t exactly let one person choose your current mattress and the other person your next — the unlucky partner might be left waiting a decade or more! So, what should you do? Scroll down if you’re wondering what to do when you can’t agree on a mattress.

Young couple in bed facing opposite directions

What to Do When You Can’t Agree on a Mattress

Sleep is vitally important for our health. So, if you don’t find your mattress comfortable, you may be jeopardizing your health for years to come. Obviously, you and your partner could choose to sleep in separate beds, but what if you would prefer to stick with one bed? You have a few different options.

Mix and Match with Two Extra-Long Twin Mattresses

Did you know that two extra-long twin mattresses nestled side by side are the same size as one king-sized mattress?

Simply purchase a king-sized bed and then buy two separate extra-long twin mattresses of a similar height. Slip a king-sized mattress protector and sheets over the two mattresses, and they’ll have the appearance of one mattress. Though you may be able to feel the seam in the center a bit, you and your partner might still find this solution worthwhile because it lets you both enjoy your preferred sleeping surface. You can also purchase a bed bridge (a T-shaped foam insert that you stick between the two mattresses) to virtually eliminate that awkward dip and mattress connectors (thick straps that wrap around both mattresses) to prevent the mattresses from separating.

Better yet . . .

Purchase a Split-King Mattress

These mattresses were developed as an answer to this frustrating issue. They’re composed of two separate mattresses that have been joined together, much as we detailed in the last suggestion. Each partner can enjoy their preferred firmness level, yet the mattress functions as a single bed. Beautyrest Sleep Gallery offers a wide variety of split king mattresses and split California king mattresses. This option costs more than the hack we recommended above, but it ensures a more comfortable connection between the two sides.

Use a mattress topper on one side of the bed.

Finally, you might consider purchasing the firmer mattress option and then using a mattress topper on one side of the bed to please the partner who prefers a softer mattress. Experts recommend that this topper be at least three inches thick to make a noticeable difference, which means one partner will be sleeping above the other. In addition, you may find it tricky to get on your fitted sheets. If you’re interested in this option, you can purchase either an extra-long twin mattress topper or a split-king or split-queen mattress topper. Keep in mind that an extra-long twin will cover more than half of a queen-sized bed, so you may need to trim it down.


When you live with another person, you can’t always get what you want. Sometimes compromise is necessary. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do when you can’t agree on a mattress, discuss the solutions above with your partner. By exploring the pros and cons, you should be able to find a sleeping solution that works for you both.

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