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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

We all have our preferred sleep position. Whether we want a fort of fluffy pillows surrounding us as we lay on our side or one lonely, flat pillow to support our head as we lay on our back, we aren’t comfortable until we’re in our desired position. While extensive scientific research hasn’t been done on how our sleeping position correlates with our personality, some studies have identified such connections. In order to collect data for these studies, certain somewhat-common positions have been named and paired with personality traits. Read on to see if your favorite position made the list! 

a woman lying on her side, sleeping, with arms bent in front of her torso

Log Position

Have you ever heard the term, “sleeping like a log?” The Log Position has the sleeper on their side, lying straight, with both their arms and legs extended downward. Approximately 5% of people sleep “like a log,” and studies suggest these people are usually easygoing, social, and a bit gullible. However, as you might guess, this position is the least popular amongst sleepers.

Fetal Position

In the fetal position, a sleeper’s body is mimicking the position of a baby in its mother’s womb.  Their body is curled up while lying on one side with their arms and legs bent. This is by far the most common sleeping position, with nearly ½ the population curling up every night in the one position that they know best. These people are thought to be sensitive, warm, and friendly.

Spooning Position

The Spooning Position is named so because two sleepers draw close to one another and resemble the shape of two spoons stacked together. While being so close to your partner may cause you to wake up more often, it also triggers your body to release oxytocin, which lowers your stress levels and helps you fall asleep faster. 

Yearner Position

In the Yearner Position, the sleeper is on their side with their legs straight and their arms stretched out in front of them. To an observer, they look like they are reaching or “yearning” for something. It’s said that people who sleep in this position are open-minded yet suspicious and very stubborn. 

Freefall Position

As the name implies, a sleeper in the Freefall Position looks like someone freefalling from an airplane. Lying on their stomach with their arms around a pillow and their head tilted sideways, these sleepers make up about 7% of the population. Some research suggests they are outgoing and likely to speak their mind, but they don’t like criticism.

Soldier Position 

Sleepers in the Soldier Position look like a little toy soldier, flat on their back with legs straight and arms down to their sides. These sleepers are thought to be quiet overachievers who put a lot of pressure on themselves.

Starfish Position 

The next to the rarest position is the Starfish Position. It’s believed that only 6% of the population sleeps this way. In this position, the sleeper lies on their back with their legs stretched out and their arms near their head. This is a very relaxed and vulnerable position, and such sleepers may be good listeners and not fond of being the center of attention.

What About You?  

How do you find yourself falling asleep at night? Do you think the relationship between your sleeping position and the assigned personality traits rings true? Though how you sleep relates to your personality has yet to be thoroughly proven, the position in which you sleep most definitely impacts your comfort, quality of sleep, and which mattress is right for you. According to the Better Sleep Council, the best position is a side position, sleeping on the back comes in second, and sleeping on the stomach comes in last place. Sleeping on your back or stomach can cause snoring, uncomfortable pressure that results in disrupted sleep, and/or body aches and muscle pains when you wake up. Sleeping on your side helps alleviate a lot of that pressure and also helps reduce acid reflux (especially sleeping on the left side). Sometimes our sleep position gives us a glimpse into other issues, like an unconscious move to avoid discomfort or pain, or a lack of support from your pillow or mattress. 

Finding a great mattress that works with your preferred sleep position and body type can help you get the quality sleep you’ve been looking for. Come visit us at Beautyrest Sleep Gallery, and whether you’re a soldier, a starfish, or something in between, we will be happy to help you find a mattress that is just right for your body and healthy sleep needs!