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We have your snoring solution

Are you tired when you wake up, even if you’ve had 7 or more hours of sleep? Do you wake up frequently during the night for apparently no reason? Does your partner complain about your snoring? You’re not alone! According to Johns Hopkins, about 45% of adults occasionally snore while 25% snore regularly.

A man and a woman lounging on an adjustable mattress with separate remote controls for adjusting.

Regular snoring not only robs you of a good night’s rest, but it also disturbs your partner. And no one wants that. Over the counter remedies like essential oils and nasal strips can be a good place to start, but what if these aren’t working for you? The answer might be as simple as creating a better sleeping position with a Beautyrest Sleep Gallery adjustable bed.

Elevate your sleep

According to WebMD: when you sleep face up, gravity pulls your tongue and soft palate down to the back wall of your throat. This can block your airway and cause snoring. But, elevating your head helps gravity keep your tongue and soft palate from blocking your airway. 

Naturally, you might think that an easy solution would be to prop yourself up with a stack of pillows. Unfortunately, this can make things worse and lead to neck strain. Ideally, you want to reduce spine pressure while maintaining the natural curve of your spine. Sometimes a small pillow placed between your knees can help relieve pressure, but sadly, this won’t help to cure snoring.  

A great option for alleviating pressure and reducing snoring is to try an adjustable mattress or base. While it’s tempting to elevate your head and knees with pillows on a regular, flat mattress, it won’t have the same effect because they will leave painful gaps in support. However, an adjustable mattress and frame will help maintain the natural curves of your body without any harsh angles or gaps–offering seamless support from head to toe. Hello sleep snoring solution! A Beautyrest Sleep Gallery, we have many adjustable base and mattress options available that not only elevate your head and knees with seamless support, but help you get the great night’s sleep you deserve! Take a look at what we have online.

Additional benefits

Kicking snoring to the curb isn’t the only benefit of an adjustable bed. In general, owners of adjustable beds often experience improved breathing and blood circulation, reduced risk of heartburn, joint swelling, and back pain. If you are really struggling with sleep, it could be helpful to consult your doctor about a sleep study. Sleep apnea is a real deal and can negatively affect your sleep. Other sleep disorders can attribute to challenges in the night. Learn more here.

Adjustable beds make it possible for users to sleep in what’s known as the Fowler’s position. This is when the body, lying face up, is raised 45 degrees from the waist up by an elevation of the bed’s head portion. Fowler’s can reduce the risk of heartburn caused by GERD, or acid reflux. The position can also help improve breathing and healing for new mothers and people who’ve recently undergone surgery. An adjustable bed helps sleepers assume the Fowler’s position in a much more comfortable way than with stacks of pillows. 

Raising the front end of an adjustable bed can help ease symptoms of poor circulation, such as leg and foot swelling by allowing you to sleep with your lower half elevated above your heart. Ease symptoms of lower-back pain by raising your adjustable bed slightly at both the head and front, placing the sleeper in the zero-gravity position, where the head and feet are elevated above the mid-section. Adjustable beds offer numerous settings that can be made to adjust the bed to your unique comfort level.

Choosing the Perfect Adjustable Base Setup

A Beautyrest Sleep Gallery adjustable bed makes elevating your body to the perfect position as easy as the push of a button. Elevating your head enables you to maintain an unobstructed airway, which helps to keep oxygen flowing all night long–making it easier for your body to circulate blood and oxygen. The result? Less snoring and an amazingly refreshing good night’s sleep.

When it comes to choosing the perfect adjustable bed and base for your needs, we’re ready to help you make a decision that is ideal for you.

Once you decide what size of mattress you need, we will introduce you to the mattress options within that size range. These days, most mattresses will work with an adjustable frame, whether you enjoy the feel of a memory foam mattress or would like to try out a hybrid model. 

Next, we will help you navigate the many features available to you. Whether you choose a classic, standard adjustable bed or a variety of add-ons such as soothing massage, we want you to pick your perfect foundation for quality rest! We want you to get everything you need at a price you can afford. At Beautyrest Sleep Gallery you’re in the “no pressure zone” where there’s no high pressure to buy. We truly want to wake up and be happy.

Any questions? Come see us today to discover the perfect mattress for a great night’s sleep!