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Memorial Day and Military Sleep Strategies

Comfort and Commemoration

Memorial Day. Remember and Honor.

Memorial Day Origins

In 1971, Memorial Day became a federal holiday. At that time, the holiday, started by General Logan, was called Decoration Day. The purpose of the holiday is to honor US Military men and women who have died while serving our country. Memorial Day affects people today because so many have experiences with family members and friends who served or are serving in the military. Some of those soldiers made it home and others did not. Memorial Day ceremonies and parades are held across the nation to commemorate fallen soldiers and celebrate their sacrifice for our freedom.

Military Sleep Habits

As you can imagine, sleep is tough when service men and women are on duty. Especially in an active war zone. Depending on how long they served in that capacity, new sleep habits, not always good ones, might become pervasive. Let’s look at sleep habits—both good and bad—of military personnel.

Inadequate Sleep:

According to this article in US Government Accountability Office, “For more than a decade, the Department of Defense (DOD) has found that the majority of service members sleep 6 or fewer hours a night. DOD guidance calls for 7 hours or more of sleep, which is still less than what is recommended for most of us (8 hours)” (, 2024). The article went on to say in a March study, 93% of service members surveyed said they slept seven or less hours a night over the past six months. Nearly 50% admitted they did not sleep well. Lack of sleep can cause problems with performance and focus during times that are critical for military success.

Why is this? you may ask. Men and women who served cited the following reasons for why they slept less or not well:

  • High stress nature of the job
  • Medical issues (for example, sleep apnea)
  • Sleeping in close quarters with fellow military members
  • Inconsistent temperature during sleep times
  • Too much light or not enough light
  • Unexpected noises (for example: snoring, fans, silence, technology beeps and alarms)
  • Uncomfortable mattress

Don’t forget your circadian rhythm plays an important role in how well you sleep. It affects your body in the long-term when you are not sleeping according to the rhythm that optimizes your life. Here are some effects of ignoring this aspect of your sleep life that can result in circadian rhythm disorders as well as chronic insufficient sleep. Here are some of the bigger consequences:

  • Insomnia
  • Parasomnias
  • Obstructive sleep apnea

An Adequate Way to Sleep:

On the flip side, it is possible to fall asleep quickly in non-traditional, noisy environments. Look at this article from the University of Minnesota. This introduces a new sleep concept called the Military Sleep Method. This method is designed to help military personnel to learn how to sleep well and it “involves a combination of mind-body relaxation techniques including deep breathing, visualization, body-scanning, and muscle relaxation” (Steinberg, 2022). For this sleep method, follow these steps:

  1. Be mindful of your nightly routine.
  2. Unwind, chill, and reduce stimulation before bed.
  3. Lie on your back.
  4. Be still.
  5. Relax each muscle group.
  6. Use intention in relaxing your body, moving from top to bottom.
  7. Breathe slowly and calmly.
  8. Visualize relaxing into your comfortable mattress.

Why Memorial Day Sales?

An uncomfortable mattress can make all the difference in the world for a good night’s sleep. Studies assess the long-term physiological, psychological, mental, and physical health effects of a consistent lack of sleep. Here’s are a few:

  • Substance abuse issues
  • Mood disorders
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Dementia

At Beautyrest Sleep Gallery, we honor military men and women year-round by providing them with a good night’s sleep. We place special emphasis on Memorial Day by celebrating the sacrifices of a life well-lived by the soldiers who granted us our independence and freedom. The least we can do is offer sales on a quality product that will make everyone’s life more comfortable. This is why you’ll see Memorial Day sales on mattresses. A mattress is a deeply personal space that allows you to embrace life and live it to your optimal potential.

Sleep Well This Memorial Day, Wake Up, and Be Happy

Which sleep style from the military most resembles your sleep habits? If you are sleeping enough hours and embracing your circadian rhythm and are productive and focused, embrace it. Otherwise, you might consider teaching yourself to sleep better with the Military Sleep Method. If all else fails, consider that it’s time to start looking for a new mattress. Embrace our Memorial Day sales this year to a get an amazing mattress at an affordable price. Start here to view our mattresses. We have a wide selection to meet your needs. Military-level sleep is just a perk of our mattresses. Above all, we want you to relax, sleep well, wake up and be happy with Beautyrest Sleep Gallery.

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